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Web Design For Growth In Mind

Attract your ideal clients with a clear & confident brand.
Clearly present your offerings with a beautiful and easy to navigate website.
Have a plan to grow your business sustainably and with ease.

In sixty days or less We Will:

Get you clear & confident around your: 

  • branding
  • messaging
  • offerings 

Create a website that is:

  • uniquely you
  • leads your ideal clients to your services and
  • showcases what you do with clarity and confidence

Copy writing + editing

  • To ensure your message is directly focused on your ideal client
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Download your free worksheet (click the image)

So maybe you are wondering who's behind Growth Minded Designs and why should I work with them?

That's a fair question, let us tell you...

We are entrepreneurs who want to help other like-minded individuals (like you) grow their businesses, do what they love, make an income they can be proud of, buy a home, and support your family. 

Jean-Paul Faraj (who goes by JP ) is our leader and founder of G.M.D. He was born with a passion for helping others, making others laugh, and loves all things related to arts and crafts... recently he has gone a little crazy for painting... (We are running out of walls to put his "masterpieces").  He is also G.M.D.'s copy writer and web designer. 

Amber Campion our teams true anchor and power house in personal and professional development, oversees our operations and helps guide us to where we need to go to reach our dreams. We really need to come up with a good title for her, but as you know in small entrepreneurial businesses we wear many hats. 

Growth Minded Designs is your team to help you create a successful business online. 

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So what does the process look Like?

Week 1: Clarity Call (60 to 90 minutes)

  • This is where we laser in on who your ideal client is and what makes you unique

Week 2: Business & Offerings Consulting (60 to 90 minutes)

  • We focus on and brainstorm what your business is currently doing, what you'd like it to be doing, and then develop some initial offerings, packages, and/or services. 

Week 3: Branding Branding & More Branding (60 to 90 minutes)

  • With the clarity from week 1 and the outline from week 2 we dig in and develop some initial ideas of your messaging, your graphics, and end up with a style worksheet to use on your website and promotional material. 

Week 3 - Week 4: Web Development

  • These next two weeks I will be designing your site, inputting your offerings, and coming up with a few graphics to use throughout your site.  We may need to schedule a call to clarify any information I may need.

Week 5: Site Review

  • Here we review your site and make sure that its basic look, feel, and navigation are groovy. Any revisions, tweaks, and additions will be talked about and implemented. 

Week 6: Copy Writing + Messaging Call (60-90 minutes)

  • This is where as a team we come up with your taglines, your newsletter, promotional information, and fine tune any offering messaging

Week 7: Final Review + Call (30 to 60 minutes)

  • We will walk through the site and make sure all the writing, graphics, and web related work is perfect.

Week 7.5: Marketing Call (60 minutes) 

  • You and I will make a plan to keep you on track with your marketing. (You will be able to ask me all the questions you'd like) 

Week 8: Final Send Off + Basic Web Maintenance Training Call (60-90 minutes)

  • It's a bittersweet day for the both of us... You will have all the tools to succeed on your own, but won't have me there to guide you anymore. 

BONUS: 1 month free email support for all things web related.

  • I don't want to you to feel lost if you get stuck on a particular website update/change so feel free to reach out to me and I will give you a detailed response on how to either fix or do whatever it is you need.  

So you've made it this far and are probably wondering, "so how much does this program cost?" 

The suspense....$3500 dollars

Phew... well that's it. Now it's up to you to decide if you are ready to invest in your future, contact us today! (don't be the person who says "I'll do it tomorrow"... we all know how that turns out. *visualizing my old self telling old me "eat the cake work out TOMORROW"* )

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